Friday, October 27, 2017

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Functional - Integrative Healthcare

If you’re looking for a real solution to your problem and not just symptom care, then we’d love to help place you on a path to a healthy life.

We pay particular attention to Neurology, Endocrinology and Metabolic Dysfunction using Functional Holistic Medicine as a primary means of finding solutions.

An individualized program, involving a multi-faceted approach including, but not limited to, Functional Neurology applications and Integrative Nutritional Therapy, will be customized and designed to meet your goals and needs.

The goal is to induce positive, functional changes in circulation and brain chemistry without manipulating the brain’s physiology with psychotropic medications. These changes will allow the brain’s natural neurotransmitter functions to begin working accurately and with more efficiency. This positively influences healthy hormone balance, healing and optimal well-being.

Huntsville's Holistic Functional Health Clinic

Our clinic's treatment sessions are significantly more extensive, thorough and much more effective than any other clinic of its kind in the region. Dr. Mick has far more extensive training and experience than the typical acupuncturist since he is both a doctor of acupuncture and doctor of natural medicine. Therefore, treatments are based on a perspective of holistic functional medicine and not just simply acupuncture, as is the case when treated by the typical acupuncturist. 

 Dr. Mick stays up to date on the latest research and peer review journals in natural medicine to provide superior care to his patients.  He attends dozens of hours of continuing education professional development seminars throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe every year with the leading doctors in his field of natural medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. Mick utilizes the best of traditional, time-tested natural therapies along with the latest evidence-based acupuncture and functional integrative nutritional and herbal medicine approaches to help his patients achieve optimal treatment results to feel their best.


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